My first wedding photographer blog!

Wedding photographer
Wedding Photographer

For a while now I have been meaning to start a photography blog, not just about being a wedding photographer, but including everything we do here at Donna Lawson Photography, boudoir photoshoots, portrait sessions. With one thing and another time has slipped by and I never got it started. But now I have a few minutes…..well thats the time length I have in my mind of how long it will take to actually sit down to write it??? I have a feeling that it will probably take me longer.

Anyway here goes……Rewind 17 years ago, my hubby to be and I flew to Las Vegas to get married along with 40 guests……. and no we didn’t pay for them! We had booked an Elvis themed wedding at a little chapel not far from the the Las Vegas strip, back then although I took lots of photos I was not a photgrapher.

I had originally planned to have a photographer follows us around from the chapel to the receiption and back to the hotel bar in a documentry style however once we had visited the chapel they convinced me that their photographer would cover the wedding and the reception and he was pretty good so no need to hire anyone else, so we left it at that.

Our big day arrived and we had an absolute ball, as weddings’ go it was great fun & really relaxed; just like us as a couple…..I can honestly say with my hand on my heart; it was the best day of my life. that evening we got the memory disk (yep it was that long ago) and video from the chapel, as we were in a hotel we didnt have anything to look at them on at that time, that’s how it was back in the day, so we sent it back home with relatives whilst we went on honeymoon.

Once we were back in the UK we sat down one evening to look through the photos, all excited about reliving our fantastic wedding day and what a disappointment the photos were! Dont get me wrong they invoked all of our memories of our big day but they just looked terrible, blurred shots, people with heads or feet not in the frame, shadows, too dark, people with their eyes closed. I was so upset, here we were with a bunch of s*** photos and no way of ever recreating them. In the end I asked all of the guests if they had any decent photos I could have to put an album together and they had a few but not enough for an album and to this day I still havent got a wedding album of my amazing day.

Since becoming a wedding photographer it is my mission to create beautiful photos to go with your memories, my style is documentary style, from bridal prep to the first dance I love capturing all of your precious moments as well as the ones you may not get to see being the Bride and Groom, there are some posed shot but these do not take very long as most of my clients prefer candid style photos.

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